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Metrologist – Project Development Assistance

We are looking for:

1-2 metrologists full time positions (office based in Romania, inquired mobility to work in different countries of the Europe).

Candidates must be a strong team player with demonstrated ability to work with other engineers and technicians to support the delivery of projects.

For the right candidates, we will be glad to offer special training and attractive compensation.

Main assignment:

1. Assure the assistance of Product/ Process development during trials and industrialization processes.

2. Contribute for inspections of prototypes parts for External and Internal (QCPT) deliveries.

3. Assist Plant Quality in factory where trials and productions are located in order to validate Product/Process including trainings and know-how transfer.

4. Be able to support other Clusters if necessary.

Requested skills and background:

Standards skills (nature and level):

Cf. Skill Matrix posted on Europe Quality teamsite (Invison) – ILUO levels

• Global definition & tolerances knowledge : read drawings and ISO system -U

• Use of CMM (or equivalent) - Coordinate Measuring Machine - U

• Use of callipers / ultra-sonic gauges/ depth gauges/ roughness/ profile projectors for mono-coex-TSBM - O

• Proficient excel word (Control report) - L

• Languages : English Speaking and Writing - Advanced Level

German spoken and written - is an advantage

Specific skills (nature and level):

Cf. Skill Matrix posted on Europe Quality teamsite (Invison) – ILUO levels

• Skilled COFFMET or AUKOM in Germany (or equivalent ) - L

• Skilled Polyworks or Prelude (or equivalent ) - L

• Use of FARO or CIM-CORE or ROMER tools - L

• INPro Extended Team knowledge : communication with Core Team - I

• Product / process knowledge (Filler pipes - Fuel tanks – SCR system / ADM if needed) - L

• QDA : able to write, train and correct operating instructions to make inspections – O

• Capabilities knowledge (R&R - Key Characteristics Capabilities) - L

• Use endoscopic tool for internal inspections (if needed following location) - O

• Material insp. knowledge : thickness distribution, backing test, layers distribution, EVOH continuity- O

• TSBM microtome knowledge (if needed following location) - O

• Mono / Coex microtome knowledge - O

• Flower test - tear test - microscopic analysis of welds - tensile bench - backing test

• Mason Jar / Cam lock inspections knowledge - O

• Able to write, train and correct operating instructions to make the measurement tools running - O

• Training : able to perform on-job training - O

• Background (level and special field):

• Quality Technician level (Plastics, ERP, Physics and measurements…)

• Complementary training: Quality tools (MSA, QDA…).

For any enquiry related to job opportunities, please send us your CV at or contact us on phone: 0771 464 428

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