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Precis Project works as a temporary work agent, with a functioning authorization series A no. 0000790, issued by the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection.

Labor Code ...


Article 87 - Definition


(1) Temporary agency work is the work of a temporary employee who, from the disposal of the temporary work agent, performs work in favor of a user.

(3) The temporary labor agent is the commercial company authorized by the Ministry of Family and Social Protection, which provisionally makes available to the user the qualified and / or unqualified personnel that he / she employs and remunerates for this purpose. The conditions of establishment and functioning, as well as the authorization procedure of the temporary work agent are established by Government decision.

(4) The user is the employer whose temporary employment agent makes available to him a temporary employee to carry out certain specific and temporary tasks.


Article 88 - Temporary employment mission

A user can collaborate with temporary work agents only to perform a precise and temporary task, called the temporary work assignment, and only in the following cases:

A) for the replacement of an employee whose individual employment contract is suspended, during the suspension 
B) for providing seasonal activities
C) for the provision of specialized or occasional activities


Article 90 – Contract for the provision of personnel

The temporary work agent provides for the user an employee with a temporary employment contract on the basis of a written contract signed.

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